Coast To Coast, The American Bar at The Savoy - Boutique Bar Show.

Coast To Coast, The American Bar at The Savoy

by tabara, 8th May 2017

A not-to-be missed session at Boutique Bar Show Manchester on Wednesday 10 May | Click here to book your complimentary ticket 

Launched last month, ‘Coast to Coast‘ is the new menu of the world-renowned American Bar at The Savoy.

The journey begins in the Garden of England, Kent, with drinks representative of the blooming and abundant growth of this area. From here the route travels through London, taking its guests back to the Art Deco era when a great deal of the American Bar cocktail culture developed.

Enchantment then touches the path, as cocktail creations are inspired by Sherwood Forest. The Pennines are often described as the backbone of England, and the inhabitants either side of the Pennines, the stout folk of Yorkshire and Lancashire, were very much key drivers in an industrial revolution that caught the attention of the world.

To end the journey the drinks take a deep and thoughtful move onwards and upwards to Castle Rock, on the peak of which Scotland’s Fortress, Edinburgh Castle, sits and tells the tales of a proud nation.

The cocktails take inspiration from each location and its people, so that through sensory experience these tales may be retold. Each section is accompanied by bartender’s notes to help navigate through each drink, so as to fully explain all recipes.


 Click here to preview the menu  and Join Dominic Whisson and Joe Lewis White as they exclusively talk through their new menu using explorative ingredients, visually striking serves and beautifully nuanced flavours at Boutique Manchester on 10 May from 16.00