Liquid Inspiration - Amazing Menus - Great Drinks & The Creative Process - Boutique Bar Show.

Liquid Inspiration – Amazing Menus – Great Drinks & The Creative Process

by andrew, 2nd May 2017

May 10th | 13.15 – 14.00

Liquid Inspirations | Boutique Bar Show Manchester | Studio 1, Old Granada Studios

This is a drinks presentation designed to inspire you, offer you unique insights into great minds and to create a discussion to encourage creativity within your own venue leading you and your team to menu and drinks greatness.

Hosted by Nate Booker of The Brown Forman Training Team and David Cole of Roc & Rye this session will cover:

  • Inspiring your menu narrative
  • Creating a unifying theme through your drinks offering
  • Products
  • Aesthetics
  • Drinks Names
  • Menu Design
  • Marketing Your Menu

Nate has curated a short list of five drinks menus that he feels offer inspiration and ideas in very different ways and has gathered insight on the thoughts, ideas and processes that helped to create these great drinks lists to share with you at Boutique Bar Show.

  • Three Sheets  –  London
  • Peg + Patriot – London
  • Kelvingrove Cafe – Glasgow
  • Roc & Rye – Manchester
  • Mr Cooper’s – Manchester
  • Lucky Liquor – Edinburgh

The session will also proceed with a discussion on creating the right environment to develop an effective list and finish with some of the considerations and practicalities on successfully executing drinks in a time and cost efficient way.

A must-attend session for any bar manager responsible for delivering their venues drinks offering.

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