MANCHESTER EXHIBITORS 2017 - Boutique Bar Show.


by andrew, 16th March 2017

Boutique Bar Show is all about promoting quality brands on equal size stands to allow the products to do the talking. Here is a collection of exciting products available in Manchester in 2017


The Gin that is making history. Hand crafted in small batches in Manchester’s first ever city centre Gin distillery using their beautiful custom made Arnold Holstein copper still Angel, this Super Premium Gin is bringing the spirit of production back to the heart of the city. 

Manchester Three Rivers is a well-balanced Super Premium Gin using a combination of 11 botanicals. Subtle perfume on the nose precedes a particularly smooth mouth-feel with mid palette sweetness derived from vanilla, cinnamon, almond and oats. Finally cardamom gives way to a satisfyingly long, spicy, black pepper finish!


Our flagship cask is a hand-picked blend of ten exquisite marks from a double-brig of the Caribbean’s finest rum producing regions. This stunning collection from Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad & Jamaica is carefully selected by our historic master blenders and extra matured in tropically warmed, charred American oak casks, reviving a long-lost luxury spirit that has been crafted on Captain Bell’s favoured private reserves.

The result is a fine, warm rum that is rich with aromas of butter toffee, brandy-snap & dark dried fruits and backed with hints of toasted oak & dessert spice. The mature palate is loaded with the lingering sweetness of raisins, dates, prunes & plum cake with flashes of dryness from charred wood, leather & tobacco.

Distributed by Hammonds of Knutsford.


Only Hepple uses three techniques to capture the full range of flavour from our ingredients bringing them as alive in the bottle as they were on the hills.

The process begins traditionally, by distilling a classic botanical mix in the copper pot still. We make a great “one shot” gin which is complex, balanced and above all smooth. For most other gins that is usually the end of the road. But we’ve only just started. Using supercritical extraction, pot distillation and vacuum distillation our botanicals ring through with great clarity and in exceptional harmony.


Augmenting the Curio range of handcrafted spirits is Curio Cardamom flavoured vodka.

Again using pristine Cornish spring water, organic cardamom seeds are infused and re-distilled to create a four times distilled vodka flavour forged with spicy-yet-citrus instilled short that that although smooth, leaves a warming aftertaste on the palate.


Funkin Beetroot Shrub Syrup is a sweetened blend of concentrated beetroot juice and vinegar, perfect to give your cocktail offering a earthy, savoury character made with all natural ingredients.

Like that of a  regular Shrub, the palate of Funkin Beetroot Shrub Syrup is one that creates a fine balance of sweet and tart.

The acidity of the shrub makes it well suited as an ingredient in a cocktail aperitif, or to be used as an alternative to bitters in cocktails.


Made using a crop of rhubarb originally grown in the kitchen garden of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria.

The rhubarb juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and blended with our Harrington Dry Gin to produce an alluring pink gin that is voluptuous on the palate with a sweet and tangy royal rhubarb explosion.

Enjoy with plenty of ice and your favourite tonic, or ginger ale. Authentic British craft at its best.


R&B have the tip and tail of Scotland covered when it comes to styles of whisky. Expertly handcrafting their award-winning classic blend of nine single casks, a distinct single malt finished in Tuscan red wine casks, and an uncommon single grain Scotch of malted barley and wheat, they demonstrate the vast differences in profile across drams. Scotch whisky is characterised by tradition, and the R&B collection pioneers Scotch that is informed but not constrained by tradition.


Fishers Gin combines rare old English herbs and botanicals with distilled barley, sourced entirely from East Anglian farmers. Born from the union of master distiller John McCarthy and Oxford University botanist James Firth, Fishers Gin reflects a passion for nature and research, capturing the wild and forgotten flavours of the English coastline.


Today’s range was developed to ensure the flavours are well balanced and bring out the best in spirits. The foundation of the Franklin & Sons tonic and mixer range is Staffordshire water and finest British sugar with the highest carbonation possible to lift the most delicate botanicals of any spirit. The range only uses natural flavours, extracts and colours and never include preservatives or sweeteners.