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staritsky & levitsky was founded by a group of vodka enthusiasts, passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of the vodka production. after years of field trips, tastings and recipe research in the geographic “vodka belt” of europe, they found the perfect place for their venture in the city of lviv, in ukraine, close to the polish border and the protected carpathian mountains with their crystal clear water wells, and with access to ukraine’s black soil, which produces unique grains for distillation.

they craft all their spirits from single grain ukrainian wheat, which is distilled five times in traditional copper stills before being filtered twice through charcoal and twice through rhinestone. the resulting vodka rests for an extensive time to gain its delicate balance and maturity.

distil. no 9 is a premium vodka from the staritsky & levitsky distillery. it is the modern interpretation of a traditional ukrainian recipe and is a fresh vodka for any occasion. it is the result of the master distiller’s research into ukraine’s distilling traditions. after making a large number of batches, distillation no 9 produced an exceptional result.

DISTRIBUTOR: Emporia Brands

WEBSITE: emporiabrands.com

PHONE: 01483 458 700