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With much of its land mass below sea level, the Netherlands, literally ‘The Low Lands’ – became a nation of seafarers, fearlessly traversing the globe.  Inspired by the journey of the Lowlanders and the abundance of herbs and spices they brought back, we brew with botanicals to create unique beers full of both flavour and character.

The story

You say ‘Porter’. We say ‘Poorter.’

Some say the beer known as ‘Porter’ is of Dutch Origin.  ‘Poorter’ was long favoured by hard-working labourers for its hearty and refreshing taste.  Lowlander’s Poorter celebrates the haul of exotic botanicals by Poorters from the dockside into Amsterdam warehouses.  Climb aboard!

Inspiration -Whether the Poorter was or wasn’t originally born in the Lowlands, when conceiving theirs, Lowlander Beer wanted a robust Porter, with the addition of both vanilla and liquorice (a long favoured flavour in the Lowlands) to create something smooth, bold and unapologetically Dutch.

Brewed with:
•    Liquorice root – brings a unique depth of earthiness and sweetness
•    Vanilla – used for valuable sweetness

Key facts:
•    Malts: (Malted) barley (Black, Caramel, Chocolate)
•    Botanicals: Liquorice roots, Vanilla and Hops
•    Colour: Black
•    Taste: Robust intenseness and depth with a sweet finish
•    Food Pairings: Pair with roasted or grilled meats or (chocolate) desserts

ABV: 6%


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