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With much of its land mass below sea level, the Netherlands, literally ‘The Low Lands’ – became a nation of seafarers, fearlessly traversing the globe.  Inspired by the journey of the Lowlanders and the abundance of herbs and spices they brought back, we brew with botanicals to create unique beers full of both flavour and character.

The story:

Barentsz, Bears and Beer.

When Willem Barents attempted to navigate the Northeast passage, his crew fought twin terrors; polar bears and frozen beer.  Lowlander’s White Ale, with its refreshing fruity notes, is a tribute to the restless and rugged spirit that kept Barents going.

Inspiration -White Ale is a beer style typical of the Lowlands but Lowlander Beers wanted to give theirs an appealing twist, keeping the acidic and sour flavours lower, and spiking it with both refreshing citrus and fragrant fruit.

Brewed with:
•    Curaçao Orange – adds a nice and mild citrus flavour
•    Elderflower – brings a summery flavour of floral, sweet and fruity characteristics
•    Chamomile – gives the flavour of crisp apple combined with a light floral note

Key facts:
•    Malts: Malted barley, (Malted) wheat and oats
•    Botanicals: Coriander, Curaçao Oranges, Chamomile, Elderflower and Hops
•    Colour: Light blond and cloudy
•    Taste: Refreshing and crisp with a fruity and flowery finish
•    Food Pairings: Seafoods, salads and spicy food

ABV: 5%


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