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A unique collection of Swiss Gins including Swiss Blended Gin, Summer Gin, Smoked and Salted and Cocchi Vermouth Cask Finish.

In order to distil a highly complex gin with harmoniously layered components meant that we needed to do something different from the start. We decided to make a “Blended Gin”, a class of gin that had not yet been pursued by other producers. We divide our botanicals into four batches differentiated by their unique characteristics.

The fruitiness derives from the juniper, barberry, and laurel berries.

Besides the typical lemons, we used sweet orange peel and fresh grapefruit for the citrus notes and rounded them off with whole peeled cardamom.

The herbal and spice notes come from what we call the “Swiss portion”, as we only used herbs native to Switzerland: hay flowers, clover blossoms, bee balm, verbena, hyssop, camomile, black currant leaves, iris and carline thistle root, as well as galingale.

The fourth component derived from liquorice ensures that the blend achieves a perfectly harmonious balance of fruit, citrus, herbs, providing a pleasurable experience on the palate.