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A spirit that has come from the passion and ambition of Martin Birk Jensen. His aim was for a unique full package of looks, taste and aroma. We feel he has certainly achieved that with this newest Gin import to the UK.

Using 7 Botanicals all individually Distilled in two different types of Arnold Holstein stills by master distiller Arndt Weßel and then blended together after the steam infusion for the final unique taste, which means there is a much longer production than most other Gins, but the quality and taste speaks for itself and makes it worth the wait. Using 4 citrus botanicals of Lime, Lemon, Orange and Pink Grapefruit, then Juniper, Vietnamese Coriander and the Key note of Moroccan Mint creates a truly unique refreshingly tasty Gin – It is a pure mint and citrus explosion when drinking Skin Gin neat.