WESTERHALL ESTATE NO.7 - Boutique Bar Show.

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7 long years this rum is aged for, and it shows. The aroma, texture and flavour are robust and interesting – hints of spices are complemented by strong molasses and a touch of caramel.

It works wonderfully with tropical drinks or mixers or on ice, but can also be a fantastic winter warmer with ginger wine by a roaring fire.

The Westerhall Estate has been growing sugar cane on Grenada since the early 1700s, and blending and bottling rum for almost as long. Over the centuries, the Estate has developed its own processes and techniques to produce a totally unique product that infuses the best of Grenadian flavour notes and scents at a quality rarely matched.

Today, the Westerhall Estate belongs to the Williams family and has done for over 50 years. The family has consistently refined and improved on the rums blended on the Estate and the result is our range of four flagship rums: No 3, No 5, No 7 and No 10. Each has its own flavour profile, and every one has won prestigious awards.

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